A Quick Guide To Getting A Tattoo In London

Getting a tattoo is an important decision. A tattoo can be very meaningful and represent a major life event, your philosophy or remind you of something you overcame. Regardless of why you want to get a tattoo, it is important to find the right tattoo artist. You can find hundreds of tattoo parlors in London and you should take the time to carefully choose where you will get your tattoo. You might already have a few ideas of where to go if you have visited tattoo parlors before but you might feel lost if you are thinking about getting your first tattoo.

Ask Your Friends For Recommendations

Do you have any friends who have tattoos? If yes, ask them where they got their tattoos. Ask them about their experience and find out who designed their tattoos. Talking to your friends can be a good way to get some recommendations but this doesn’t mean you have to go to the same tattoo parlors. Think about going to the tattoo parlors your friends recommend if they had a good experience and if you like their tattoos. It might be best to look for other tattoo parlors if you want to get a tattoo in a different style.

Check Online Reviews

Online reviews and ratings are a great way to find the best tattoo parlors in London. Keep in mind that places that seem popular online will probably have longer waiting time for appointments and might charge more for their services. You should look at different directories to find out more about tattoo parlors. Try looking for reviews that include pictures of the tattoos created. Keep in mind that most tattoo parlors have several artists working there and usually offer a wide range of styles. A few pictures won’t give you an idea of the styles of the different artists who work at a parlor but you can get an idea of the quality of the work. When reading reviews, pay attention to what people say about the quality of the customer service, prices and about whether or not the place was clean.

Look For A Good Tattoo Artist On Social Media

A lot of tattoo artists use social media to showcase their work. You should check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and message boards to find out more about tattoo artists who offer their services in London parlors. This is a good way to find some ideas for your tattoos and to look for a style you like. You can sometimes contact tattoo artists directly on social media to find out where they work and ask if they would be interested in creating a design for you.

Visit Tattoo Parlors

Visit a London tattoo studio just once, and you’ll have a better idea of what you want and have narrowed down your options to a few tattoo parlors.Look for a tattoo parlor that is easy to access and that has convenient opening hours if you want a large piece and will need to make more than one appointment. Pay attention to how clean the place is when you visit a tattoo parlor and to how visitors are greeted. You will usually see some examples of the designs created by the different artists and will get to talk to some of them to find out more about their styles.

What To Look For In A Tattoo Parlor

Look for a tattoo parlor where the staff knows how to make clients feel comfortable. Having good reviews and ratings online is a plus but a lot of great London tattoo parlors don’t have a strong online presence. Cleanliness is one of the main things to look for when choosing a tattoo parlor. Ask a few questions to find out how equipment is sterilized and make sure that needles are not re-used. You also need to make sure that ink is not re-used once it has been in contact with a tattoo needle. Talk to different tattoo artists to find out who has a style you like and who is either willing to create a design for you or who can re-create a design you like.

Find A Design You Like

You don’t necessarily need to have an exact idea of what kind of tattoo you want before you start looking for a tattoo parlor. Finding the right parlor and artist will be easier if you have a general idea of what you want. Some artists specialize in realistic tattoos, dotwork, watercolor tattoos or in 3D tattoos. Some techniques and styles are difficult to master and not all artists will be able to reproduce them. You should also figure out what kind of tattoo design you want. A good tattoo artist will be able to work with you and create a unique design once you tell them more about what you like and what you want your tattoo to mean.

Take Some Time To Think About It

Don’t feel rushed to make an appointment at a London tattoo parlor. Take the time to visit a few different places and to get to know different tattoo artists. Look at the designs they share on social media and ask them a few questions about how they work. You can look at different existing designs to find one you like or ask an artist to create a tattoo design for you. Take some time to decide where you want to get your tattoo and when you want to get tattooed. Depending on the location of your tattoo, you might need to take a couple of days off work so you can heal.

Make Your Tattoo Appointment

Make your first tattoo appointment once you have found a parlor or studio you like and have decided what you want to get tattooed. You might be on a waiting list for a while if you want to get tattooed by a popular artist. Find out how much this artist charge and what kind of payment methods are accepted. Some tattoo parlors will give you the possibility to make payment installments. Most places will ask you to make a deposit when booking your appointment. One appointment might be enough if you want a small piece, but you will more than likely need to make a few appointments.

What To Expect For Your First Appointment

Don’t hesitate to ask a few questions to your tattoo artist if you are not sure about getting a tattoo in London. Find out how much work they plan on doing during the first appointment and how much pain you should expect to feel. The pain you will experience really depends on where you want to get tattooed. Decide how flexible you want to be regarding your tattoo design. You might know exactly what you want but your tattoo artist might make a few recommendations once they start working on your tattoo. If you are nervous about getting your first tattoo, ask a friend to come with you or visit the tattoo parlor in advance to see how things are done. You will find that most London tattoo artists are very talented, easy-going and know how to make people feel comfortable right away.

Caring For Your Tattoo

Your tattoo artist will give you a few tips to care for the tattoo. Follow them carefully. They will bandage the area once they are done working on it and you will need to leave the bandage on for a few hours. Once it is time to remove the bandage, make sure you do it very carefully. You will have to wash your tattoo with some mild soap and let it air dry. You will need to use a special antibacterial ointment to prevent any infections. You can buy this ointment in advance or purchase it during your first appointment. If you are not sure what kind of ointment to use, ask your tattoo artist for a recommendation. The area that was tattooed will typically take a few days to heal. You will need to keep washing it at least twice a day and will have to apply the antibacterial ointment for a couple of days. You can then start using a moisturizing lotion to help the skin heal. Don’t scratch or pick the tattoo, don’t expose it to direct sunlight and don’t soak it in water until the area has completely healed. If swelling occurs, use an ice pack on the area or take some Ibrupofen. You will have to wait for the area to heal completely before you can schedule a second appointment to get more work done.

Take some time to think of a tattoo design you like and to decide where you want to get your tattoo. Find out more about different styles and look at what London tattoo artists are sharing on social media. Ask your friends if they can recommend a good tattoo parlor and visit a few of these establishments yourself. Ask some questions and look for the right tattoo artist before making an appointment.

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